Radford Dale Vinum Mixed Case of 6


Radford Dale Vinum Mixed Case of 6

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Value, authenticity and elegance; Radford Dale Vinum’s new lease of life.

Radford Dale’s Vinum began with two of the Cape’s most celebrated grapes, Chenin and Pinotage. Building on this legacy the range has now been expanded to incorporate four other wines, a chardonnay, gamay, grenache noir and a pinot noir.

“The new Radford Dale Vinum range retains its historic focus on the Cape’s heritage grapes,” commented Jacques de Klerk, head of winemaking and viticulture. “To this we are adding a selection of other varieties that combine a focus on what we believe the Cape has the potential to excel in as well as grapes we have a particular affinity for. 

“The three things we believe are the basis of fine wine expression: variety, terroir, and vintage and we aim to showcase this with the new Vinum wines too.”


“Hugely enjoyable to drink, the Vinum range is at the intersection of individualism, value and quality. The range continues our quest for producing, honest, authentic wines that that feel natural rather than contrived.” – ALEX DALE – Founder

“When someone opens a bottle of Vinum we want them to have no doubt about who made it. Our wines are distinct and are characterised by their restraint and elegance. – JACQUES DE KLERK – Head of Winemaking and Viticulture

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