Wine. It’s a culture. 

Climb the stairs and step into our home. Here, you will find people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. The one thing we have in common? We all enjoy good wine.

Culture Wine Bar offers a curated selection of fine wines from the country’s most respected names, cult classics, hidden gems, natural wines, and special imports from across the globe.

And because food and wine will never be parted, we offer a small menu to whet your appetite, with snacky bits like charcuterie, cheese - and whatever else catches our chef’s fancy that day. Look out for our prawn Po’Boy, pork pie or Chef Matt’s famous Croque Monsieur.

Welcome to Culture. Explore, Discover, Enjoy.


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Food & Wine

A curated selection of exciting wines means there's something for everyone from the geeks to the newbies. Chef Matt Manning brings his signature flair to the snacks with modern takes on classics - who needs peanuts when you have parfait.

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Situated above Culture Wine Bar in the heart of the city, The Wine Library is an exclusive hub for producers, winemakers and wine enthusiasts alike. It is a hybrid between a fully serviced working space, tasting room, inner city wine cellar and networking hotspot. Join a new culture of work and play. - Click here for more information


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Culture Crew


Owner, Chef, Wine Drinker

Matt Manning

The Culture Kween

Roxanne Manning

"I highly recommend the wine!"

Chris Groenewald

"Batard & Chips!"

Stuart Bishop

"Guess who's back?"

Alex Dale

"Where one glass always turns into more!"

Adjoa Ayivor

"Where's Prior?"

Pascal Bestel

"Captain Slow to the rescue!"

Tom Prior

"The name is Isaacs, Dr Isaacs"

Sam Isaacs


Book a Booth

Our comfy booths are available to book for groups of 4 or more, offering you a semi-private space to enjoy in the company of your chosen few. A deposit of R150pp is required to reserve a booth, which is offset against your bill at the end of the eve.

T&Cs apply.

Vino in the Window!

Fancy a view of Bree street, while enjoying your choice of vino on a beautiful summer’s day? Set in the original arch of a genuine Heritage building, our window seat is available to book - guaranteeing you the best spot in the house.

Get in touch for more info or book using our Dineplan widget.


A 12.5% service charge is added to tables of 4 or more.

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